"This trip was absolutely a great experience for me! It was my first trip to a foreign country by myself...the Ultimate Global Adventures staff made me feel at ease, gave me confidence, and took the time to answer all of my questions. For someone who has really never stepped outside of her travel box before, this was the best way to do it. The trip taught me so much about myself and gave me some of the best travel memories that I will keep forever. Thank you!" - Kim

"The surfing was one of a kind. Plenty of beach access with all different levels of surf. The instructors spend time with each individual, working at their own pace. I met all different kinds of surfers- experienced surfers and beginners in their 60's- all levels of surfers raved about their experience and and accomplished their goals. Everyone stood up on a board and rode waves by the end of the week. Such a freeing experience." - Ben

"The setting is incredible. Being in this beautiful wood-framed open air space, listening to the rain come down, or the waves crashing while you are in your vinyasa is breathtaking. Something everyone should experience, regardless of your level of yoga practice." - Alison

"Every meal was delectable and hand prepared by the chef using all locally grown food. The chef catered to everyone's dietary needs. I didn't meet one person who wasn't raving about the food. I loved the experience of everyone sitting down to a beautifully set area, where you shared the days adventures. A real sense of community." - Vickie

"The surfing was amazing, but what I most enjoyed was bonding with people from other cultures and enjoying paradise. Volleyball on the beach, incredible sunsets, massages, yoga, sitting by the pool. It was peaceful and rejuvenating." - Nate

"Nicaragua had never been an item on my bucket list and if you had asked me if I had wanted to try surfing before going on this trip I probably would have said no...But, as a fitness fanatic, I figure why not give it a shot maybe I would even try surfing. I used to be scared to go in the ocean, I like to think I conquered multiple fears this trip. I liked that there are various beaches for different skilled surfers. I was able to do yoga every single day, even if I was exhausted from surfing! I miss being able to walk around in bare feet, take random naps in hammocks, read a million books, and eat the truly amazing local food..if you love adventure, making new friends, random dance parties and conquering your fears then this is the trip for you!" - Brooke

"People have asked me to compare the trips I have taken. I always tell them that I have taken lots of trips where I've leaned about history and culture, but on this trip I learned a lot more about myself." - Shelby